Minute Man – Plum Island XP


There’s more to flying than screaming through the stratosphere in an airborne bus. This series celebrates those intrepid fliers who put their credit cards on the line every weekend to bore holes in the sky. They’re looking for a little relaxation, a spot of adventure, and a dash of sightseeing. They gather for pancake feeds in drafty hangars, tell lies to one another around the avgas pump, and spend their children’s inheritance in search of the perfect cheeseburger at airport diners.

That’s what this series is all about: small airports that are loaded with character, as individual as the pilots who call them home.


For X-Plane 11 – Includes both Windows and Mac installers

In this release you get not one, but two Massachusetts airports; Plum Island Airport (2B2) in Newburyport, and Minute Man Air Field (6B6) in Stow.

Such atmospheric locations for both the eyes and ears, a joy to explore… Wonderful 10/10!

– BrianV (comment on AirDailyX)

Plum Island is a re-working of our original hit from years back, updated with new 3D grass and vegetation, and a large patch of orthophoto terrain surrounding it that covers the entire town of Newburyport, the harbor, and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Minute Man Field is a fantastic GA airport that we’ve been wanting to create for years. It’s loaded with the character you’d expect from a Hundred Dollar Burger airport, including fanatical attention to detail (we modeled mustard bottles – see if you can find them ;-)) and also comes with its own orthophoto surroundings for the town of Stow. In addition, the airport sports numerous static aircraft, night lighting, a custom airport beacon, 2-light APAPI, and custom runway lights.

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