Legacy Scenery

Tongass Fjords X

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This addition to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X renders a large part of Southeast Alaska and northwestern British Columbia (some 80,000 square kilometers) in the glorious natural beauty this area is known for. You get a flying environment that puts you in the pilot seat flying around some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll find anywhere on Earth.

You not only get the accurate coast lines, lakes, islands, roads, rivers and glaciers, but in a wide variety of airports and seaports to explore in this rugged area of fjords, mountains, lakes and sea. You may visit many of the US Forestry Service cabins used by hunters, fishermen and hikers hidden near the many lakes and fjords. And what is Alaska without shipping? We have added moving ships and boats, created by Mitsuya Hamaguchi and Larry Silsbee in many different locations, not just in harbors. Spot and then follow them with your Beaver!

And then there are the many scenery additions by Bill Womack who recreated Sitka and Petersburg airports as well as landmark objects of Sitka and along the Sitka and Petersburg harbor front.


Hawaii Dillingham X

Situated on the sparsely-populated North Shore of O’ahu, Dillingham is a former military airfield that’s been converted for civilian use. Remnants of its former use are still evident today in the long, wide runway, abandoned revetments, and the ruins of several aircraft maintenance hangars from the 1940’s. Today, this is a thriving field serving Hawaii’s general aviation community and tourist flights. Several skydiving companies have their base here, and it’s a popular glider port as well.

If your knowledge of O’ahu only extends to the tourist mecca of Waikiki, you’ll be surprised at how quiet and rural the area around Dillingham is. The airport is served by one road, a long drive from Honolulu through cane fields and past long stretches of pristine beach. Fans of the TV series LOST will recognize this area as one of the show’s principal filming locations. In fact, if you look around Dillingham, you’ll spot a length of Oceanic Airlines’ flight 815 fuselage, which is stored on the field in real life.