Minute Man – Plum Island Released!

My wife asked me the other day – “what the heck is a Hundred Dollar Burger?” Some of you flying types probably get it. It’s a code familiar a whole class of winged nomads who will use any excuse to get airborne, up to and including “I heard the food was good at [insert airport name here].”

Well sim folks, the food is not just good, it’s great at Nancy’s Airfield Cafe. Want to find out how good? We’ve just released a new scenery package that might help. Welcome to the Hundred Dollar Burger: Minute Man – Plum Island.

You get not one, but two classic New England airports. Minute Man Field in Newburyport, Mass. (2B2), a reworking of our classic and popular scenery, coupled with Minute Man in Stow (6B6). Both are designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX:Steam Edition, and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 and v4.

Both fields come with the standard features you expect from us – 3D vegetation, high-quality models, large, well-blended photoreal areas around each airport, etc. Plus, at Minute Man we’ve added a couple of new tricks you might not have seen: proximity-triggered animated hangar doors that open when you approach them, and pilot-controlled runway lighting at night!

Trot on over to the product page and check it out!