iBY FlightSimCon 2017 New Product Announcements

FlightSimCon 2017 was a huge success. By far the highest numbers of attendees ever, and what a stellar lineup of sim creators, add-on developers, hardware manufacturers and enthusiasts! If at all possible, make plans to attend next year.

iBlueYonder was there, of course, and we had a couple of new product announcements that we think will make quite a few of you very happy.

Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

It’s been a while since this airport got some love, and we’re jazzed about bringing it just that. This is a field steeped in history; it was the last field JFK ever flew into, and the site of LBJ’s inauguration in the dark days after Kennedy’s assassination. It’s the home of Southwest Airlines, and soon will welcome Alaska Airlines. And what’s more, it has sweeping views of the downtown Dallas skyline. And yes, that skyline is getting a complete makeover as well – we’re including a custom, high-detail downtown area along with the airport.

Here are a few renders to give you a sense of the scope of the project. It’s early days, but we have several highly skilled modelers and texture artists working on it right now. More soon!

The other big announcement was a joint effort that might take a few people by surprise…

Portland International Airport (KPDX)

Our own Bill Womack will be the lead developer and project manager for Flightbeam Studios‘ KPDX project. Bill is especially fond of this one as it was his home airport for 14 years. The combination of passion, familiarity, and the quality that both iBlueYonder and Flightbeam customers have come to expect will make this a winner, for sure.

FlightSimCon 2017 Show Reel

Here’s the video that was playing at our booth at this year’s Con:

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  • Magnus Almgren

    June 13, 2017, 2:12 pm

    Awesome – fits well into the 100 year anniversary… 🙂
    Looks like an cramped and dirty airport – fits my liking as a glove!
    Lookin forward!

  • Sean

    June 23, 2017, 12:46 pm

    Looks great. I have been waiting for years to have a great KDAL. Funny thing, that last shot is the view I have from my living room where the plain white 727 is always parked. Hope you do the Embassy Suites, and other tall builds right there on NW Hwy and Lemon that are almost in the approach path of the now closed runway 18. I was going to offer photos of the exterior of the airport but see you are based in Dallas so I guess you can get what you need. Feel free to contact if you need any local beta testers. Regards.