Fan question - not support

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Fan question - not support

Post by Turbine777 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:31 pm

Hello again, Bill.

I'm an on again, off again simmer that either has no time for it or heavily into it (while I can). I've always wondered how we can be in 2018, 36 years since MSFS 1.0 and no one ever did a payware KVNY - Van Nuys.
Now I don't see a sub forum of any kind for general discussion such as this, so feel free to delete it, but just had to say that I own 43 Orbx airports and all of your masterpieces. Your particular airports are second to none and would be in sim heaven if someone were to do this airport.
Ever since the dvd, One Six Right was released it has probably been the most requested GA airport out there and it's just confusing why no one has done it. Now with a 64bit platform and no more oom issues I would just think that everyone would have jumped on it by now. Is it Taboo among developers?

I actually left KVNY out of the subject field due to not want to falsely excite too many people having them think it was even a possible thought on the horizon.

PS. I just bought KVOU. Great job.

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Re: Fan question - not support

Post by iBlueYonder » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:43 pm


I don't know that there's any problem with someone doing Van Nuys. It might be that it's in the works somewhere by a very quiet developer, or maybe nobody has thought of it yet. I know it hasn't really been on my personal radar, but only because of how many airports I've already got in the hopper. If you haven't yet, ask about it on the Orbx forums and see if you get any hits.

Bill Womack
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