Please do not ask for news on "X" project.

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Please do not ask for news on "X" project.

Post by iBlueYonder » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:18 am

While I never want to dampen enthusiasm for something we're working on, lately there has been a sharp uptick in email, Facebook, and forum requests for updates on our various projects. Invariably, it's something we've announced but haven't shown shots of in a while.

Production schedules are tricky things, and are subject to all sorts of factors, only a few of which ever get mentioned publicly. Please trust me, the instant there's something significant to discuss with any given project, we will crow about it. Until then, I and everyone else who are working on our projects are busy, heads-down, laboring to make them a reality.

You'll be able to tell when a product is nearing completion by the stream of screenshots and updates that get posted. If you haven't heard about your favorite upcoming project in a while, don't assume that it means anything other than we don't have screenshots ready yet. Creating these airports is a long process, and the larger the airport, the more intense the work is. Unless you live in a cave with no internet access, believe me - you'll know when they're almost done. Until then, please don't be offended if it seems we're ignoring your requests.

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