The False Consensus Effect

Let me put aside KPDX (sort of) for a second and talk about something that’s on my mind. I’m talking about a phenomenon called the False Consensus Effect. I’ve had a couple of emails since KPDX launched (literally, two emails), both of which were pretty aggressive in tone, and informed me that I was losing [...]

Scenery Apprentice Wanted

Back in the day, many trades had a tradition of apprenticeship. Those with a desire to learn a skill were paired with experienced craftspeople. The apprentice got to learn a trade first-hand, and the person they were apprenticed to got an eager helper to speed along projects in return. For the right kind of learner, [...]

Minute Man & Plum Island for X-Plane 11 Released

We’ve just thrown the switch on our latest X-Plane scenery, the Hundred Dollar Burger: Minute Man and Plum Island package. This is our first commercial foray into X-Plane scenery, but definitely not the last. If you’re an X-Plane GA pilot, come explore two classic New England airports!

More Hundred Dollar Burger XP11 Screenies

The Hundred Dollar Burger series for X-Plane 11 is moving along. We’re on our second beta now, so I thought I’d take a moment and share some more screenies – this time of Plum Island (2B2).  

Minute Man Makes its X-Plane 11 Debut

We’ve been quietly working behind the scenes for several weeks to convert our FSX/P3D sceneries to X-Plane 11. You might have seen this post about the Heron’s Nest, which is essentially ready to go and will be uploaded soon, and now the Hundred Dollar Burger series is much closer to XP release as well. We [...]

Same Island – New Sim!

We’ve been hard at work this week on our popular Heron’s Nest scenery. Are we finally getting around to putting in that new septic system? Building a smoker down by the dock? No, and no (although I like that smoker idea…) The big news is that we’re nearly ready to release our first scenery for [...]

Minute Man Now Gets Along Better With Orbx

Hey, everyone. We just added a file that might help you Orbx FTX Global fans enjoy your Minute Man airport a bit more. The original photoscenery for 6B6 was designed, logically, to blend well with the default landclass tiles. However, we know a lot of you also run Orbx’s FTX Global, which changes the look [...]

Minute Man – Plum Island Released!

My wife asked me the other day – “what the heck is a Hundred Dollar Burger?” Some of you flying types probably get it. It’s a code familiar a whole class of winged nomads who will use any excuse to get airborne, up to and including “I heard the food was good at [insert airport [...]

Nantucket Island for P3Dv4 Released

We’re pleased to announce that Nantucket Island has been updated to version 1.02 for full compatibility with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version 4. In addition, the seasonal and dynamic animation functionality has been converted to use SimObject Display Engine (SODE) in place of our old Viva technology. We think you’ll agree that the ease of use (not [...]

Hundred Dollar Burger Scenery Update

The first of the two killer B’s (6B6 & 2B2) is going out to the beta test team this weekend, with Plum Island close on its heels. While we finish up the Plum Island facelift, here are some shots of Minute Man Field showing off that glorious P3Dv4 lighting…