A Note on iBlueYonder P3D4/FSW Compatibility

I just got back from a week of family business to discover that LM has announced the P3D v.4 release will be on May 30th. And of course, the preview of Dovetail’s Flight Sim World is already available on Steam as of May 18. This is great news for the sim community, and we’re really excited about it as well.

However, with any new sim comes the big question: will my existing add-ons work? In the case of Nantucket and The Heron’s Nest, the answer is a temporary no. No, because we rely on third-party technology to provide functionality that even at this stage of sim development isn’t available from the base simulators; things like seasonal texture swapping, conditional animations, and so forth. Temporary because our plan is to upgrade everything we sell to full P3D4/FSW compatibility in the very near future.

When these new compatibility mods appear exactly will depend on the work required and when the the maker of SODE can create a version that works with the new sims. Our requests for development insight and assistance from Lockheed Martin went unanswered, so we’re no more in-the-know than anyone else about how porting to their new P3D will work out. Fortunately, Dovetail were more forthcoming, and we’re working right now on versions of everything for FSW.

In the medium term, have no fear – if you bought one of our airports, your investment is safe. In the short term, all we ask is that you keep whatever sim you’ve been using active on your hard drives until we can work out the new versions, and please be understanding about the time it takes to transition. We’ll do our best to make the gap as short as humanly possible.

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  • dexthom

    May 24, 2017, 10:33 am

    Okay Bill, Sound the bugle when ready.