I just saw a mention on Facebook from my friend, Flight1 staffer Jeff Smith. Looks like they've released their Cessna 162 Skycatcher for free. Jeff pointed out that it's a great complement to our Heron's Nest 2.0 scenery. More info on the free Skycatcher here: And of course for your copy of the Heron's Nest [...]

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Hot New Tech for Decrepit Old Stuff

The hottest buzzword in 3D rendering and gaming at the moment is PBR, short for physically-based rendering. It's a deep, highly wonky topic, but at a high level is basically an attempt to re-create how light plays over real-world surfaces using mathematical formulas and sets of texture maps. For any given material you could have, [...]

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Nantucket Progress

The modeling of the north side of the field is nearly complete! I've been dialing in a group of buildings, including the checkerboard "Nantucket" hangar. Next stop: the main terminal.

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More Nantucket Dev Shots

Work on Nantucket continues! There was a brief slow-down on actual modeling this past month while I switched modeling tools from an old version of 3DS Max to an open-source tool called Blender. I'm happy with Blender's capabilities; it's faster to use, very powerful, and now that I've gotten used to it, quite efficient. The [...]

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More S45 Dev Shots

I can't believe it's Friday again already. Ordinarily, I'd try to think up something witty to say - maybe find some cool links for you 'sim dudes and dudettes. It's been such a busy week of trying to finish up Siletz Bay that I think I'm gonna just post a few shots and let the [...]

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The POD Gets a Cockpit

Here I am with another update in the POD saga. This time, the cockpit gets built, painted, and fitted with controls and avionics. The lighting in the videos really highlight the warts in the build - the real thing is a bit smoother looking. Or maybe I've just been blinded by that big projector. ;-) [...]

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Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Big changes are afoot over at PNW fictional airport scenery HQ. Rather than spell it all out, let's let this dude explain what's up...

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This video tutorial isn't going to set the world on fire, but a few troubled souls might find it helpful. I just got some new sound recording equipment for a project, and I thought I'd try it out by making a brief tutorial. What better topic than one of the most infamous bugs in Win7/FSX: [...]

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