The Heron’s Nest Gets a Remodel

Last year, we released our first scenery - a little island getaway off the coast of Maine for pilots with the brass cojones to land there. It was a big hit, but some 'simmers who ran third-party terrain mesh had some issues with it. We knocked around with some changes to the mesh that were [...]

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Happy 2016!

If you are reading this, congratulations, you made it through 2015! It's a new year, and we've got some good stuff on track here at iBY. First up will be our Heron's Nest scenery, your own private island off the coast of Maine. We're in the final stages of beta testing right now, and expect [...]

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Your Own Private Island – Free!

At the recent FlightSimCon, we announced the upcoming release of iBlueYonder's first branded scenery package. Fans of our Cushman Meadows/Bear Gulch scenery (done a while back for Orbx) know that from time to time, we like to play around with "what-if" scenarios for private bush airports. Since our geographic focus has shifted to the New [...]

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Memoriam for a Friend

Friend. It's almost a throw-away term any more. In our digital culture, nearly anyone we ever encounter, however casually, gets tagged with "friend". Almost daily, writers and reporters decry the end of "true" friendships, the face-to-face kind rumored to have been sacrificed on the altar of social media and our disposable culture. What's not mentioned [...]

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Nantucket Progress

The modeling of the north side of the field is nearly complete! I've been dialing in a group of buildings, including the checkerboard "Nantucket" hangar. Next stop: the main terminal.

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First Look at Bear Gulch X Buildings

Mea culpa. I meant to post a review of EZDok Camera 1.15 this weekend, but I got caught up in a bunch of work and family stuff and had to let it slip. Part of the busy was working on Emma Field - specifically, the new Bear Gulch buildings that will be included in the [...]

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In case you aren't on the Flight Sim Store's email list, here's a little surprise: Orbx just extended their May Madness sale to include all downloadable products. That means that for this month, you can get NA Blue, Stark's Twin Oaks, and Darrington Municipal for 30% off the normal list price. Already got these three? [...]

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If you read last week's Part 1 installment, you know that I'm having a look at my favorite behind-the-scenes utilities for flight simulator. These are the workhorses of 'simming; programs that work their magic in the background and make every flight you take just a little bit better. This week, two more that I consider [...]

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There are so many sexy add-ons for FS - planes, scenery, environment packs, and so forth - that some of the more useful bedrock utilities sometimes get overlooked or taken for granted. I just added a new one to my list of  must-haves this week, and it got me to thinking about which of the [...]

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Fanboy Friday Whacked by Poor Documentation

I think I may have to move this feature to Saturday. This is the umpteenth Friday morning when I've gotten up, ready to blog, only to be hit in the face by some unforeseen roadblock. The frustration du jour is the documentation for EZDock Camera 1.15 (EZCA). It looks to be a nifty little camera/head [...]

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